INDIE GAMES // Joakim Sandberg

This article is dedicated to everyone interested on the Indie videogame Industry, and want to make your first steps in this field.

So we are introducing you to Joakim Sandberg A.K.A. Konjak, a successful indie game developer that loves art as much as he loves making videogames.

His Works

For most of my monetary gain I’ve animated sprites for WayForward on games like “Contra IV”, “Shantae” and of course “Barbie and The Three Musketeers”. I’d make a more impressive list but I never kept that up before, anyway.- Konjak Says

I am of course making my games. “Noitu Love 2” is my flagship title so far, but I’m sure that by far “Legend of Princess” has been played by the most people, but I’m not sure if that should count! I have other things brewing right now that will likely be divulged at a later time.- Joakim Says

Konjak has a number of abandoned games that we’d all like to see him finish one day. One such game is Ivory Springs, of which the incomplete version was released back in 2009. The Iconoclasts is Konjak taking another stab at the title, but it sounds like unfortunately he once again won’t be going any further.

Check his works out here!!